Gloria Loughman, Escape to the Rainforest

Giant buttressed trees, verdant mosses, delicate lacy tree ferns and twisted vines stretching from forest floor to the top of the canopy make up our majestic rainforests.

In this class, participants will have the opportunity to create their own rainforest quilt, painting and sponging a background fabric then appliquéing a forest of vegetation on the surface.

Back ground construction, machine appliqué and embroidery, 3-D appliqué and extra painting techniques will be covered. Gloria will provide patterns for many of the trees and plants in a rainforest and participants can bring photos and drawings of any vegetation they think will be suitable.

The class is based on a rainforest but any type of wooded area can be used as inspiration.

Please print the supply list and bring these items to the workshop.

Gloria's website provides more information about her classes.