Jan Steffen, SnS - Diamonds

The new Diamond Options Square in a Square® provides a new technique for rotary cutting and strip piecing that allows quilters to achieve perfect points with improved accuracy, simplicity of construction, and speed. The resulting blocks go together with great ease and lie very flat.

The amazing technique begins with a square piece of fabric, or other shape, to which strips of fabric are attached and then cut with a rotary cutter in a very special way. The results are entire blocks or parts of blocks quickly and accurately achieved. To this end, the creator, Jodi Barrows has designed a special ruler called the Square in a Square® Technique Ruler. The theme is a square inside a square, but the variation which Jodi calls 'Options™' is quite remarkable.

The technique now encompasses 38 Options™. Using these options, you can make half square triangles four at a time and flying geese blocks two at a time, and the resulting points are sharp and easily achieved. The 38 Options™ provide the quilter with the ability to construct increasingly complex patterns.