December 2014 Show and Tell

Photos of the December 2014 member projects appear below.

December 2014 Gallery

Sunbonnet Sue

Sunbonnet Sue. Made and quilted by Barb Anderson.


Tulips. Made and quilted by Barb Anderson.





Christmas Tree wall hangings

Christmas Tree wall hangings. Made by JoAnn Rego.

Christmas Bed Runner

Christmas Bed Runner. Made by JoAnn Rego.

Lavender Quilt

Lavender Quilt. Made by JoAnn Rego.

Christmas Bird

Christmas Bird. Made by Dixie Johns.

African Plains

African Plains. Made by Wendy Bean.

Red Log Cabin

Red Log Cabin. Made by Donna Levesque.

Pineapple Quilt

Pineapple Quilt. Made by Donna Levesque.

My Very First Quilt

My Very First Quilt. Made by Renee Toomey.

Daisy Star

Daisy Star. Made by Sheryl Kaplan.

Old Crow

Old Crow. Made by Sheryl Kaplan.

Turkey in Wool

Turkey in Wool. Made by Sheryl Kaplan.

Under the Sea

Under the Sea. Made by Rosalie Mikelson from Rob Appell class.

Fairy Quilt

Fairy Quilt. Made by Tina Rainey.

Pixie Quilt

Pixie Quilt. Made by Tina Rainey.

Christmas Tree with Lights. Made by Donna Johnson.

Friendship Group Quilt

Friendship Group Quilt. Made by Sewing Sisters and Linda Lane.

UFO Friendship Quilt

UFO Friendship Quilt. Made by Andy Hard.

UFO Flannel Rag Quilt. Made by Diana Rash.

UFO Table Runners

UFO Table Runners. Made and quilted by Sandy Scott.

T-Shirt Quilt. Made by Sandy Scott for daughter of a friend.

Pumpkins in a Row

Pumpkins in a Row. Made by Cheri Heinecke.

Cook's Quilt. Made by Linda Kacirek for daughter who graduated from culinary school.

UFO Lorax Quilt

Mini Charm Crib Quilt. Made by Dianne Parker.

UFO Lorax Quilt. Made by Dianne Parker.

UFO Confetti In Cotton. Made by Dianne Parker.

Around The World Rescued Quilt

Around The World Rescued Quilt. Completed by Ann Harris.

C Is For Christmas. Made by Mary Morrison for grandson's wedding.

UFO Thanksgiving Wall Hanging

UFO Thanksgiving Wall Hanging. Made by Susie Alderson.

Reversible Tote Bags

Reversible Tote Bags. Made by Susie Alderson.