July 2014 Show and Tell

Photos of the July 2014 member projects appear below.

July 2014 Gallery

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ABC Quilt

ABC Quilt. Made by Nora Fusco.

Watermelon Ants

Watermelon Ants. Made by Nora Fusco.

Primary Colors

Primary Colors. Made by Nora Fusco.


Turtles. Made by Nora Fusco.

Quilt Show 2008

Quilt Show 2008. Made by JoAnn Rego.

Baby Quilts

Baby Quilts. Made by Lou Cobb.

Flower Pot Du Jour

Flower Pot Du Jour. Made by Barb Anderson.


Quilt. Made by unknown.

Dianne Parker

Made by Dianne Parker.


Coffee. Made by Dianne Parker.


Bright. Made by Dianne Parker.


Baskets. Made by Dianne Parker.

Notebook Covers

Notebook Covers. Made by Dianne Parker.

Camper Quilt

Camper Quilt. Made by Betty Hall, quilted by Neta Virgin.

Stack n Whack

Stack n Whack. Made by Jan Conklin.

Fabric Left Over

Fabric Left Over. Made by Jan Conklin.


Pillowcases. Made by Jan Conklin.

Tote Bag

Tote Bag. Made by Jan Conklin.

Gadget Bag

Gadget Bag. Made by Jan Conklin.

Christmas Shadowbox

Christmas Shadowbox. Made and quilted by Sandy Scott.

Baby Quilt for Cousin

Baby Quilt for Cousin. Made and quilted by Sandy Scott.

Stevie, Ray and Jose

Stevie, Ray and Jose. Made by Ann Turley.

Beach Huts, Hoffman Challenge

Beach Huts, Hoffman Challenge. Made by Ann Turley

Owl Quilt for Niece

Owl Quilt for Niece. Made by Linda Musillami.

President's Quilt

President's Quilt. Made by Sharon Baker.