March 2013 Show and Tell

Photos of the March 2013 member projects appear below.

March 2013 Gallery

Periwinkle Blue Quilt

Periwinkle Blue Quilt. Made by Juanita Miller.

Quilt for a Boy

Quilt for a Boy. Made by Cheri Heinecke.

Quilt for a Girl

Quilt for a Girl. Made by Cheri Heinecke.

Great Art Block

Great Art Block. Made by Rosalie Mikelson.


Kokopelli, inspiration for the wall hanging.

Kokopelli wall hanging

Kokopelli wall hanging. Made by Rosalie Mikelson.

Red and White Block Quilt

Red and White Block Quilt. Made by Mary Morrison.


Back of the red and white quilt.

Fishes Up and Down

Fishes Up and Down. Made by Marty Winkleman.