October 2010 Show and Tell

Photos of the October 2010 member projects appear below.

October 2010 Gallery

Flower Appliqué

Flower Appliqué. Made by Denise Foster.

Americana Purse

Americana Purse. Made by Louise Cobb.

Large Blocks

Large Blocks. Made by Louise Cobb.

Quilt for Son

Quilt for Son. Made by Susie Alderson.


Challenge. Made by Dixie Johns.


Challenge. Made by Pamela Parkman.


Challenge. Made by Ann Harris.

Designer Bowl

Designer Bowl. Made by Ruby Hoffman.


Placemat. Made by Dixie Johns.

Civil War Quilt

Civil War Quilt. Made by Carol Harpin.

Art With David

Art With David. Made by Elvia Dawson from a class by David Taylor.

Churn Dash Special. Made by Linda Palmer.

Churn Dash Back. Made by Linda Palmer.

Table Topper

Table Topper. Made by Linda Palmer.

50th Class Reunion

50th Class Reunion. Made by Andy Hard and quilted by Sandy Scott.

Beautiful Setting

Beautiful Setting. Made by Norma Kubota.


Masterpiece. Made by Anita Bruce.


Masterpiece. Made by Linda Wright.

Small Quilt

Small Quilt. Made by Anita Bruce.


Sailboats. Made by Linda Wright.

Honor Quilt

Honor Quilt. Made by Elvia Dawson from Uniform Parts.