National Iraq and Afghanistan Memorial Quilt

Don Beld's goal was to have guilds throughout the country make a quilt to represent those who have died in the Wars on Terror for each county in the United States. As a result of his presentation, our guild took on the challenge of producing a quilt to represent those military people who lived in San Diego County, were assigned to a military facility in the county, or who had some connection with the county. One of our guild members, Ann Harris and a small committee collected fabrics representative of the era, cut the required pieces to make a kit for each block, prepared directions for making the blocks and provided research source suggestions to locate information about each military person.

Various guild members selected a kit, made the block, researched the individual whose name they were given, wrote information on the front and back of the block, and turned the completed block in to the committee. Carol Carpenter designed and produced a stunning center block that represents the various sights that these military folks might have seen or visited during their time in San Diego.

The completed (almost) potholder quilt for San Diego County was presented at the September 6, 2012 meeting.

The photos of the National Iraq and Afghanistan Memorial Quilt activities are shown below.

Fallen Heroes Quilt

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The front of the quilt


Center panel designed by Carol Carpenter


Back of the quilt

Top half back

Top half of the back of the quilt

Bottom half back

Bottom half of the back of the quil

Close front block

Close-up of one block

Close back block

Close-up of back of one block