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Terry Waldron, Scraffito.

Remember how fun it was making crayon scraffitos in elementary school? You colored the paper, then covered it with India ink, waited for it to dry, and then scratched into it to make a picture. No worries... Now we'll do that with cloth! First comes the simple sewing of strips and strips of fabric to batting. Then we'll cover it with one large piece of black fabric. Did you know that there is an amazing array of gorgeous patterned all-black fabric out there? It's true! You'll learn to freely cut a pattern-less picture from that one piece of cloth. The final sewing is simple, but the finished piece is striking! You don't even have to BE an artist to make this one-of-a-kind piece of true ART... and it's FUN!

Terry's website is Terry Waldron, quilter, teacher, author.